Iodine – Are you aware of its importance?

Iodine is a vitally important nutrient that is found in each and every organ and tissue. Most people tend to neglect the importance of iodine, not knowing that it affects their entire body, not just their thyroid gland. Being a mineral similar to Calcium and Magnesium, iodine is essential for effective thyroid function and healthy metabolism and recent studies show that low iodine levels are related to numerous health disorders and diseases.

The importance of iodine

Also known as the endocrine mineral, iodine is crucial not only for the thyroid gland, but also for the ovaries, breasts, adrenal glands, prostate gland and the whole hormone system of the human body. But this mineral is responsible for the synthesis of thyroid hormones. In other words, when the body needs thyroid hormones, iodine will be taken from blood by thyroid and placed into thyroid hormones. It will be deposited and released into the blood when it will be required. Thyroid hormones (thyroxine or T4 and triiodothyronine or T3) play important role in numerous physiologic processes, including growth, metabolism, development, reproductive function, embryonic development, cell proliferation and division and controll of tissue growth.

Thyroid gland is located around the Adam’s apple, in the front of neck and it contains almost all the iodine in the body. But iodine is also present in stomach lining, lactating mamary glands, salivary glands and blood. Apart from helping producing the hormones T3 and T4, iodine also works as an antibacterial in the system and helps preventing various diseases and disorders. Because iodine is extremely important for our normal development and growth, as well as for a healthy metabolism and general wellbeing, we have to consume the recommended daily dose of iodine. But since we do not take enough amounts of this mineral from food, we have to supplement the Iodine intake and consume dietary products containing this mineral to support our overall health.

What is Detoxadine?

Detoxadine is a nascent iodine supplement developed by Global Healing Center, also known as GHC. This health company produces only premium quality products designed to support the health of the consumers and to improve their quality of life. Detoxadine is an effective and safe dietary supplement that contains in its formula nascent iodine. This type of iodine is taken from the vegan-friendly sources, from vegetable resources available in the deep sea in its organic form. Due to this reason, the ingredients of Detoxadine have the ability to enter quickly into the blood stream, from where the necessary iodine will be used effectively to support the health of the consumers.

Why should you take Detoxadine?

Iodine is available in four forms: transformative nano-colloidal detoxified iodine, nascent iodine, potassium iodine and Lugol’s solution iodine. From all these varieties, nascent iodine is the least toxic and least irritating. The human body recognizes it and assimilates it quickly so it will be used by thyroid gland to produce the thyroid hormones. Because Detoxadine has in its effective formula nascent iodine, it encourages proper function of thyroid gland, it maintains the metabolism healthy and it improves the general wellbeing of the consumers.

Knowing that Detoxadine can provide the recommended daily dosage of iodine, this highly effective dietary supplement supports preserving the endocrine and metabolic balance, improve health of cardiovascular system and help maintaining the immune system at peak state. Since it is formulated as drops with a vegetable glycerin base, it is easily absorbed and the effects will appear soon after its use. Detoxadine is gentle on the stomach and it will not cause any burning or stinging sensations when applied externally.

What are the effects of low iodine levels?

Based on the report of World Health Organization, iodine deficiency is a health problem in more than 50 countries. Knowing that there is no substitute for this mineral and that it is essential for mental and physical development, it is crucial to ensure the recommended daily dosage of it. If it is not taken from food, the patients should take Detoxadine to avoid the occurrence of iodine deficiency and to prevent the numerous problems that could be caused by it.


Iodine deficiency – low iodine levels – represents one of the four major deficiency diseases in the world. Manifesting as mental slowing, extreme fatigue, weight gain, depression, low basal body temperatures and increased risk of goiter, hypothyroidism and mental retardation in babies, iodine deficiency can also lead to stop ovulating and even infertility. Recent studies show that iodine deficiency may increase the risk of certain cancers, including breast, prostate, ovarian and endometrial cancer. Low iodine levels can also result in low immunity, cysts, heaviness and soreness in breasts, improper thyroid function, slow metabolism, weight gain, constipation and often flus and colds.

Even though it is a common health problem, when pregnant women are affected by iodine deficiency, it can have disastrous effects on both mother and baby. The future mother can have high blood pressure, while the baby can be born with mental retardation or cretinism, which means that the baby will have a severely stunted mental and physical growth. But this health problem can also increase infant mortality, reason why pregnant women should make sure that they take the recommended daily dose of iodine.

What is hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism occurs when the body does not produce enough thyroid hormones. The most common cause of hypothyroidism worldwide is iodine deficiency. Having low thyroid hormone levels will affect the entire body. Hence the patient will feel weak and tired, the cholesterol levels will be enhanced and heavy or irregular menstrual periods could be experienced. But hypothyroidism can also symptoms such as constipation, brittle nails, dry skin, depression, weight gain, difficulties thinking and memory problems. These symptoms will not occur overnight and most patients consider they are normal signs of aging. Although the symptoms will be mild at first, if they are persistent the patient should seek the advice of a doctor.

Hypothyroidism can be prevented and treated successfully with Detoxadine. Although this health condition is likely to occur in pregnant women, adults over 60, people with diabetes and those affected by rheumatoid arthritis, by diagnosing it and treating it promptly the effects of hypothyroidism will be diminished and patients will recover their health. Since Detoxadine ensures the recommended daily dose of the mineral needed for the production of thyroid hormones, this effective dietary supplement protects the health of the consumers and maintains the proper functioning of thyroid gland.

How does Detoxadine work?

Compared to other iodine products, the nascent iodine included in the formula of Detoxadine is the most easily absorbed and utilized form of iodine available. Soon after its consumption, the main ingredient will enter the bloodstream and it will be dispersed throughout the body, where it is most needed. With proper levels of iodine in the body, this mineral will combine with certain proteins, the thyroid hormones will be produced properly and the health of the consumers will be assured.

How to take?

Because just 3 drops of Detoxadine contain 1950 micrograms of iodine, this quantity ensures the recommended daily dose of this mineral. The consumers should take 3 drops of Detoxadine by mouth and drink some purified water right after the use of the dietary supplement. It is enough to take this dosage at once and the health of thyroid gland will be ensured. One bottle contains 200 servings, so one Detoxadine container will be consumed within more than 3 months.

What are the benefits of Detoxadine?

Apart from supporting the health and proper functioning of thyroid gland, Detoxadine has numerous other health benefits. This high-quality product absorbs quickly into the system because of the nascent iodine included in the composition and the thyroid gland will be maintained healthy, so it will produce proper levels of thyroid hormones. But Detoxadine can also promote the health of immune system and support the consumers fight against bacteria, fungi and other harmful micro-organisms.

Many people are not aware that iodine is the key to a sane thyroid and a healthy metabolism. Metabolism and weight are directly connected with the thyroid gland, because the thyroid hormones are used in every cell of our body and they are responsible for regulating the weight and metabolism. T3 and T4 hormones control the burning of fat for heat and energy, so these hormones have to be produces in appropriate amounts in thyroid gland to ensure a healthy metabolism. In order to do so, iodine is required and if it is not taken from food, patients should take it from Detoxadine.

Thyroid hormones play a significant role in development, growth and metabolic processes, but they are also important for the reproductive system, central nervous system and cardiovascular system. Normal levels of thyroid hormones ensure the normal reproductive behavior, while low levels of these hormones hence hypothyroidism lead to infertility. Both too little and too much amounts of thyroid hormones affect the mental state, making the patient feel mentally sluggish or nervous and anxious. Because T3 and T4 are responsible for heart rate, cardiac output and cardiac contractility and they increase the blood flow to the organs, it is clearly how important it is to have proper levels of iodine in the system.

Therefore Detoxadine supports thyroid health, helps maintaining proper levels of thyroid hormones, promote mental concentration and focus, ensure healthy cardiovascular system, keep the immune system at peak state and help controlling a sane metabolism and healthy weight.

Is Detoxadine safe for the health of the consumers?

This dietary supplement with nascent iodine is vegan-friendly, non-toxic and non-radioactive. Having in its composition a glycerin base with a mild sweet taste and ultra pure nascent iodine that gets quickly assimilated, Detoxadine does not affect the health of the consumers and no negative adverse effects were reported. The product is safe to use even by pregnant women, not only by patients who want to ensure the daily recommended daily intake of iodine and by those who want to avoid or treat hypothyroidism.

Side effects

As it was mentioned earlier, the consumption of Detoxadine is completely safe and it does not cause negative side effects. However, it should be taken as recommended and people who have serious health problems or under prescribed medication should seek the advice of their doctor become taking this dietary product.


  • Due to fact is has the most absorbable form of iodine, Detoxadine supports the health of thyroid gland, cardiovascular system, nervous system, reproductive functions and metabolism.
  • Only 3 drops are enough to ensure the recommended dosage of iodine per day;
  • This product supports a healthy body and a healthy weight management;
  • The immune system will be fortified and the consumers will be able to fight against harmful microorganisms and substances;
  • This dietary supplement is recommended by more than 1000 doctors, who distribute it and promote it to their patients;
  • Being produced by Global Healing Center, which is a reputable health company, the consumers will benefit of 180 day guarantee. If the patients are not satisfied with the results achieved, they can get their money back;
  • The product is delivered for free anywhere within the United States, in only 3-5 days from the order;
  • Thousands of consumers have already used Detoxadine and the numerous positive consumer reviews testify the safety, efficiency and potency of the treatment;
  • One bottle of Detoxadine costs $29.95. But if you purchase 5 bottles of this dietary product, you will benefit of a special offer and pay only $24.99 per container.


Detoxadine has to be purchased from the official website to avoid the copycats that can cause adverse effects. Many similar products mimic the package of Detoxadine, but they are not the original product and they certainly do not contain the highest quality of nascent iodine. Even more, perhaps they do not offer an honest money back guarantee and you will waste your money on a useless or dangerous item. If you want to avoid ingesting a potentially harmful product, get Detoxadine from the official web store and make sure that you can also return it if you are not satisfied with the results.


Iodine is essential for numerous bodily processes and low levels of this mineral can lead to numerous and serious health problems. If you want to avoid them and improve your overall health, take the purest form of nascent iodine that has been included in Detoxadine. Detoxadine helps maintaining the health of thyroid gland, proper levels of thyroid hormones, a sane metabolism and the general wellbeing of the consumers. With GHC’s nascent iodine, you can be certain that you will keep your body healthy and well functioning.